Loading an Existing Map into OCAD



  • You've been asked to set a park-street course
  • Someone has sent you a park-street map in OCAD format or as a graphic
  • The rest is up to you (Not really - just ask for help...lots of people are willing to teach/mentor new course setters)

Overview of the Process

  • We have produced a blank OCAD map (we've called it "a framework") that you can start with - we've removed all the seldom-used stuff to make it as simple as possible. 
  • OCAD lets you use an OCAD or graphic (JPG, BMP, GIF etc) as a template. You load the template into the framework as a background to your map and then just drop the start triangle, control circles/numbers and controls descriptions over the top.
  • When you're happy with your map - you save it and print it out. If you plan to photocopy your map, please be sure to test that the copy coming out of your printer photocopies well - the main issue here is that the background is clear - that there is a clear contrast between what is runnable and what is not.

Here's How...

Download the sample OCAD Framework

This can be obtained from the OCAD pages on the street-O website - just click here

Open OCAD and load the Framework

  • Start up OCAD (the instructions assume OCAD 8 - but should be reasonably applicable to other versions)
  • Load the sample framework
  • Select File > Open   -   the normal Windows a file open dialogue box appears; locate the framework and open it (the file will be called StreetO Course Setting Framework.ocd - look in the directory you saved it to).
  • Press Open - the dialogue box disappears and the framework is loaded.
  • A brief tour of the framework:
    • This is little more than a 1:10,000 map with many of the bush-orienteering symbols removed
    • We've left:
      • Start triangle (with colour changed to BLACK for good contrast on black and white map)
      • Control Circle (coloured black + dot in the centre)
      • Control Numbers (also black)
      • A couple of Line Types - useful for drawing boxes, dividing lines etc
      • A couple of area fills - to mark areas of your map that you don't want people to go into (e.g. out of bounds or dangerous ground).
      • A selection of text types - of various sizes

Open the supplied StreetO Map as a template

If you want to make map changes, you could open the supplied OCAD file directly; it is, however, much safer to open it as a template. Doing this protects you from inadvertently changing map content/scale in a way that might cause issues when your event is run.

  • Select Template > Open from the menu

Opening a JPEG

  • If the map is in a format other than OCAD (e.g. Corel, Illustrator, Photoshop), then this is the way to go.
  • When opening a bitmap file, OCAD has no information about resolution or orientation of the map.
  • The dialogue box below appears to obtain this information

  • If you know the resolution, enter it. If not, enter 300 and press OK.
  • The imported template will be displayed on the screen

Opening an OCAD File

  • If your streetO coordinator/mapper has provided an OCAD file, things are even easier...just find/select the file provided to you.
  • OCAD files contain all of the above information and the file will be displayed immediately.

Viewing the Template File

  • Use the toolbar or View > Entire Map to see the complete file that has been loaded
  • To place controls with more accuracy use the magnifying glass with the plus sign on it to zoom into the area required

Related Functions

  • Placing Controls on the Map
  • Moving a Control
  • Deleting a Control
  • Placing Control Numbers on the Map
  • Putting Control Descriptions or Text on the Map
  • Deleting unwanted stuff from the map
  • Printing the map
  • Checking the Scale
  • Course Setting Hints









We hope you enjoyed reading this material.

If you would like to learn more about orienteering or join the top orienteering club in Victoria for 17 out of the past 15 years ;-), please call Geoff Hudson on (03) 9888 8121 for more information.

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