Using Part of a Map


What's the Problem?

  • I only want to use part of the map

The simple functions above print only a rectangular portion of the map. If you want white space on the map to put clue descriptions etc in, you will need to export the required portion of your map to another file and then wrap all of the event-specific information around it.


Some care is required here - as one inevitably finds last-minute map-changes while course-setting that need to be included in the map. If you operate on a copy of the map, these changes may never make it into your master-copy. To avoid version-control problems, make ALL map changes to the master version and then export your map to a separate file just before going to print.

Identify the Area Required

Select a thick/visible line type from the toolbox - I've used "Major Road" - select straight-line mode from the toolbar and then draw a closed box that identifies the area that you require. My map looks something like this.

Select Extras > Partial Map from the menu...

Select the option - Use selected object  - a file/save dialog box appears to allow you to identify where the partial map will be stored and what it will be called.

Be careful not to overwrite your original map (that would not be good...). Adopt a sensible naming standard for your maps and keep them - these provide an excellent record of courses that you've set previously. in this case, I would use a name like:

Eltham - partial map - 2007-11-01 - Rod Lawlor.OCD (ie identify the base map, the date of the event and the course-setter)

Close the base map - to reduce confusion that might occur if you have multiple copies of the same map open at once.

Open the partial map....

You can now drop event-related info in around the map:

  • Control descriptions
  • Finish times
  • PW point values
  • Emergency details
    • Phone number
    • Start Location
  • etc, etc, etc....






We hope you enjoyed reading this material.

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